Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Starting a neighborhood watch

I would like to start a neighborhood watch in my area, what does it take to start one?

First, you must have the desire to stop crime in you area.
You have to make a commitment to keep going when you feel that no one wants to help.
It is most important that you get to know the people on your street. Make an effort to talk to them. Without getting to know your neighbors no matter what you do if you don't know them a watch will not stand the test of time.
Get together with some of you neighbors and decide what area your neighborhood watch will cover ie: What blocks, streets.
Have a meeting space in mind. You have people that want to be in the neighborhood watch so you need a place to go. Like a Neighborhood Church, if it is in the summer you could even meet at the local park.
Discuss the types of crime in the Watch area. Above all do not take crime on, on your own.
Notify your local Police Department, they should help you get the information needed to get you started on your way to a crime free area.
Please see other blog posts for more information.

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