Thursday, August 11, 2011

Back to School Safety

Bus Stops
• Know your bus number.
• Stay in a group while waiting for the
• Do not play in the street. Stay on the
sidewalk or grass.
• Wait for the bus to completely stop
before approaching it.
• Look both ways before crossing the
street to get on the bus.
• Stay seated while on the bus and keep
hands and head inside the windows.
• If someone offers you a ride, say NO.
• A parent could be at the bus stop
before and after school for extra safety.

Biking To School
• Bright colored clothing will make you more
visible to drivers.
• Always wear a bicycle helmet.
• Backpacks should be tight on the upper back
and not dragging on the rear tire.
• Respect traffic lights and stop signs.
• Ride on the right, going the same direction as
• Use appropriate hand signals.
For Parents … Vehicle Traffic
• While driving, be more aware of the speed
limits in your neighborhood and around
• Observe the sides of the roadway, watching for
children walking and biking.
• Give children right-of-way in crosswalks and
school zones.
• Avoid backing your vehicle at schools.
• Children should exit to the right side of the
• Do not leave until your child is completely on
school property.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

House fire listed as 600 W kirk

9:45 structure fire on the corner of Popular and Pottenger.  This house has been vacant for several years.  The back part of the home was on fire as well as the pool.  Several of the fire trucks were called in. I will try to post some Pict's. We also had a car fire just down the street about 3 weeks ago it was a mechanical problem.

                                                 photos by Anita

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