Tuesday, November 3, 2009

What is a neighborhood watch?

A Neighborhood Watch is a program that increases the safety and sense of community in your neighborhood. The program teaches you to look out for your own and your neighbors safety, your home and those of your neighbors.

The program teaches you and helps you:

To recognize and report suspicious and criminal activity.

About home and vehicle security.

Makes your neighborhood less attractive to criminals.

Increases your personal safety.

To better protect your family.

Build stronger relationships with law enforcement.

WNW Program Ideas

SAFE HOUSES for children such as the McGruff House or Block House.
Youth Escort Service is one way young adults can assist an older person who needs assistance or companionship for any reason.
Beautification Projects
Fire Prevention Programs and topics such as CPR, disaster preparedness, and fire safety.
Ident-A-Youth - The Shawnee Pd can assist us in fingerprinting children which can hasten the Identification of missing children.
Auto Bumper Decal- Program to identify vehicles belonging to residents within the Watch area. The basic purpose of the bumper decal system is to alert police patrol and concerned community members about vehicles which do not belong in the Watch area. Allowing appropriate action to be taken when necessary.
Warm lines - Set up by members willing to spend time talking to children who become lonely after returning from school to an empty home. It can be a link between "latchkey" children and a helping adult should an emergency arise.
House Sitting

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