Saturday, June 5, 2010

Stranger Safety for Kids

"Never talk to strangers!" That's not all kids strangers are not only on the streets but on the Internet, at the parks, in our shopping malls, basically everywhere a child goes there is a stranger.
Strangers look like normal people, a stranger could be a man or woman a boy or girl. They could be short or tall, skinny or fat. Most strangers are nice but some are mean. A stranger is someone you don't know very well or know at all. Someone that you have never seen before or never met before, or an acquaintance of the family who knows you by name but that you don't know.
A stranger that has bad intentions could try to coax a child into a vehicle by saying that the child's parent is sick or in the hospital.
Please, tell your child that you will never send a stranger to get them. If you have no choice, in advance before that situation arises, agree on a code word with your child that the person must know before your child goes with them.

You should never accept a ride from a stranger, Never get into someones car that you or your parents don't know. Unless they know the code word.

If a stranger asks for help? Say no- leave immediately, step back while their talking to you, and don’t approach cars, vans or trucks. Tell your parents immediately.

If someone offers you candy, a present, money, or a ride? Ask your parents and adult in charge before accepting anything
Follows you to or from school or the playground. Go to a safe place right away. Be ready to run.

Approaches you in the store or what if you get lost while shopping? Look for a store employee wearing a uniform and name tag, remain at the front of the store until your parent comes to you.

Tries to grab you or says, “Come with me, or else” begin running to a safe place with people and lights, screaming, Stranger as you run. Report it to your parents or trusted adult immediately.


If someone tries to harm you remember what they looked like.
How tall. hair color, was it short,long,curly,short,. about how old was he or she. Did this person have any scars tattoos or birthmarks? What type of clothing remember the color and descriptions.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Summer Fire Safety

Fires can be prevented. A few easy steps can save your life!

Barbecue Grills
Keep grills at least 10 feet from siding and eaves.
Never use a grill in a garage or carport.
Before using a gas grill, check hoses and connections for leaks.
Check that the venturi tubes-where gas and air mix-are not blocked.
Never overfill a propane tank.
Consumers should only use propane tanks that have a three-pronged valve: this is a sign that there is an overfill protection device in the tanks.
When lighting a charcoal grill, use only charcoal starter fluid. Never add fluid after the fire is started.
To dispose of hot coals, soak them with water and stir to make sure the fire is out.
Never put coals in plastic, wood, or paper containers.
Wear snug-fitting clothing when grilling.
For safety's sake, leave fireworks to the professionals.
Stay back at least 500 feet from professional fireworks displays.
If you do use fireworks, light them outdoors, away from dry grass.
Always have a bucket of water or a fire extinguisher nearby.
Never let children light or play with fireworks.
Wear snug-fitting clothing while lighting fireworks.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

New polycarts

Central Disposal LLC to provide the City of Shawnee residents with collection and disposal of their household solid waste and recycling. This contract will come into effect as of July 1st, 2010.

Allied Waste will be picking up their polycarts on your last service day this month. More information will be attached as a flyer to your polycart. Please see the following schedule to see when your green polycart will be picked up:

Thursday customers: June 24th
Friday customers: June 25th
Monday customers: June 28th
Tuesday customers: June 29th
Wednesday customers: June 30th

Central Disposal will start delivering your new “navy blue” polycart the week of June 21st. After your current polycart is removed you can start to utilize your new “navy blue” polycart provided by Central Disposal.
City of Shawnee web site.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Safety Tips
To keep your kids safe:
Don't leave them in a car, which can quickly heat up, especially on a hot, sunny day.
Always lock your car and secure the keys so that your kids can't get to them.
Warn your kids about playing in the car by themselves without adult supervision.
Install a trunk release mechanism, so that they can't get trapped in the trunk.
Get your kids out of the car first, and then worry about getting the groceries, etc., out of the car when you get home.
Make sure that child car providers and day care workers have a plan to make sure that kids aren't left in the day care providers car or van.

If you are afraid that you might leave your sleeping infant or toddler in their car seat when you get out of the car, place a reminder on the dashboard.
Also be on alert for cars that might have an unattended child left inside. If you see a child alone in a car, be sure to call 911 and help make sure the child gets out as soon as possible.

In addition to the risk of being abducted if they are left alone in a car, on a typical summer day, the temperature inside a car (even with the windows rolled down a little) can quickly rise above 120 to 140 degrees. Even on a relatively mild day, the temperature inside a car can get above 100 degrees. At those temperatures, kids are at great risk for heat stroke, which can lead to a high fever, dehydration, seizures, stroke and death.
If you don't think that it can happen to you or your kids, consider these descriptions from the death certificates of children from 1998 that were published by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration:
A 9 month old died after being 'left strapped in child safety seat in a sweltering minivan for two hours - misunderstanding between child's parents resulted in the child being left alone in the van; one parent believed infant was at home with other'

A 6 month old 'baby died when accidentally left in hot car for 3 hrs, died when outside 90-degree temperatures rose to 130 degrees inside closed car, parents thought the other had carried the baby from the car to crib'

A 34 month old 'toddler who recently learned how to open a car door apparently climbed inside family station wagon while parent and sibling were in house'

A 23 month old died when a 'relative babysitting child, put child in car for trip to store, went back in house having forgotten something, was distracted by something on television, sat on couch to watch, fell asleep, woke up two hours later'

A 2 year old died after a 'parent left child in car after returning home from errand - was left for more than an hour'

A 2 year old 'child apparently slipped away from parents and siblings, fell asleep atop blanket in unlocked car in driveway of home, oldest sibling found child 40 minutes later'

Always Always thank about your children first!

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