Friday, December 7, 2007


Check back often for information on meetings and how to contact the watch with information on stuff going on in the neighborhood.


  1. Ideas for the newsletter and classes
    a)personal safety
    b)observation skills
    c)child safety
    to and from school,phone safety,internet,stranger danger
    d)home security
    e)first aid
    cpr,choking,poison,insect bites
    f)fire safety and prevention
    g)court monitering
    h)victim rights and services
    provide information on where to go for help.
    I)consumer frauds and scams
    j)graffiti and vandalism prevention
    k)conflict and resolution/mediation

  2. so;;;;proud of all of you and the jobs that you have done with so little help....You have the best watch in town and we are lucky to have people who really care about Shawnee and what happens here. Great job Butch,.....STATE WINNER...We are so happy for you...You really deserve it and more......Keep up the good work...All of you....God Bless

  3. Anon2,

    Thanks for the props. Yes, we have a winner...and Butch is a pretty good guy, too.

    Congrats to Butch on the WNW "Westside Insider" winning at the recent gathering in OKC.

  4. PROJECT SAFE in Shawnee provides free and confidential services to victims of domestic violence, sexual violence, child abuse and stalking.
    24 HOUR HOTLINE 1-800-821-9953
    SHAWNEE POLICE DEPT. # 273-2121

  5. I enjoy the website for the watch. Would be nice if more people in our area would post comments and suggestions. The watch is very important to keep our neighborhood informed. This is just good way to get things out there.

  6. Thanks for the comment and interest in our blog at

    Our police department sends us a monthly list of safety tips and reminders which we often incorporate into our site, and we pass them along to everyone on our email list.

    I often scour the local newspapers and other sites in cyberspace for ideas to post, and your site has given me other ideas. Thanks!

    Keep up the good work!

  7. Anita your topic was very well none... keep the good work going, give us more news...

  8. proud of the job you did last meeting, we just need more neighbor hood participation from the residents of this neighborhood. with positive

  9. There are so many dogs running at large in our neighborhood.

  10. My name is Bill Wilkins. I am the newly elected President of the WNW. I would like to encourage anyone inside or outside our neighborhood to come to our meetings. We are in need of volunteers for a variety of tasks. None of which are too time consuming and will help our community enormously. Thank everyone who already plays a role. As a side note, our next meeting will be attended by State Senator Charles Lasiter. The meeting will be held at Wallace Ave. Baptist Church on March 13th, 2012.


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