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Sexting is the intentional use of a camera phone, to send explicit photos of ones self or someone else's nude photos to another's phone. One in five teens say that they have sent partial nude or nude photos of themselves to their friends. Sexting sharing can lead to anyone seeing what you might have only wanted one person to see because, most teens won't keep those photos to themselves they will more than likely post them on their facebook page or on my space.
Teens are like the teens of yesteryear, in that boys would tell their friends what they had done with their girlfriend over the weekend whether or not it was true. With sexting there is no protecting your reputation, it is no longer one's word against the others.
What most teenagers don't realize is that they can be charged with child porn and facing a felony. In Utah they are trying to pass HB14 that would make the crime a misdemeanor for 16 or 17 year-olds and from a class A to a class B misdemeanor for younger youth. If photos are exchanged by teens or they have nude photos on their phone they could be charged and sent to prison. The following are examples of the seriousness of sending, receiving or forwarding nude photos of others: one is from Rochester, N.Y. where a 16 year old boy is facing up to seven years in prison for forwarding nude photos of his 15 year old girlfriend to his friends. A 15 year-old in Pennsylvania is facing child pornography charges for sending nude photos of herself to other kids. In Florida a 19 year old was thrown out of college and now is a registered sex offender for 25 years because he sent nude photos of his girlfriend to other teens.
They don't think! We have all been there in their shoes, by doing stupid stuff, we can all understand that you have to learn by the mistakes that we have made or by the mistakes that our peers had made. But it is also our responsibility to tell and teach our teens. The real difference between teens and us is that we know better. Teenagers don't necessarily understand the repercussions of their actions. They just act.

Cellphone tips for Parents


Here’s advice on how parents might prevent “sexting” and other sexually motivated online activities:
Talk to children and teens about cell phone and Internet safety.

Let them know that photographs sent via cell phone or the Internet are not private.
Set behavior expectations such as what is appropriate in mobile communication.

Enforce a rule that cell phones and laptops must be left in a public area with the parents/guardian before the teen or child goes to bed. This prevents temptation to log on or chat late at night.

Internet and cell phone accounts should always be in the parents’ name.
• Parents should be in charge of all passwords and parental controls.
• Contact your cell phone provider to learn more about restrictions parents can place on cell phones.
• BEFORE YOU HIT SEND:Here are some tips teens should consider before sending photos or text messages: Don’t assume text messages will remain private – 40 percent of teens and young adults said they have shared messages that were intended to be private.
Cyberspace is forever. Once something is sent via cell phone or Internet, it exists permanently, which could cause problems when applying to a college or for a job. Parents, teachers, friends and enemies can find those photos or messages Even if a racy message or post is later deleted by the sender, it may have been passed on and posted by dozens of others.
Remember that nothing is truly anonymous

Tuesday, January 21, 2014


Internet lingo what your kids know, and what you now know. Some of these are nasty but you should know what they mean.
AFK = away from keyboard

ASL = age/sex/location
ATM = at the moment

BBL = be back later
BBS = be back soon

BF = boy friend
BRB = be right back

BTW = by the way
CUI = cracking up inside

CUL8R = see you later
CTN = can't talk now
FYI = for your information

G2G = got to go
New lesson in internet lingo
PAW= parents are watching
PIR= parents in room
LMIRL = lets meet in real life
420 = Marijuana
NALOPKT = not a lot of people know that
WYRN = what's your real name
c-p = sleepy
FOAF = friend of a friend
143 or 459 = I love you
next lesson
GF= girlfriend

HW= homework
ID= i don't care

IDK = i don't know
IMO = in my opinion

JAS = just a second
JIT = just in time

JK = just kidding
JW = just wondering

KOTC = kiss on the cheek
LOL = laughing out loud

ROTFL = rolling on the floor laughing
LYL = love ya lots
LYLAB = love ya like a brother
LYLAS = love ya like a sister
NM = not much

8- it refers to oral sex1337- it means elite
182- it means I hate you
1174- it means nude club
ADR or addy- Address
banana- it means penisCD9- it means Code 9 = parents are aroundDUM- Do You Masturbate?DUSL- Do You Scream Loud?FB- F*** Buddy
GNOC- Get Naked On Cam (webcam)GYPO- Get Your Pants Off
IIT- Is It Tight?
IMEZRU- I Am Easy, Are You?IWSN- I Want Sex NowJ/O- Jerking OffKFY- Kiss For Youkitty- it means vaginaKPC - Keeping Parents Clueless
MOOS- Member(s) Of the Opposite SexMOSS or MOTSS- Member(s) Of The Same SexMorF- Male or FemaleMOS - Mom Over ShoulderMPFB- My Personal F*** Buddy
NIFOC- Nude In Front Of ComputerNMU- Not Much, You?P911- Parent AlertPAL- Parents Are Listening
POS- Parent Over ShoulderPRON- PornQ2C- Quick To CumRU/18- Are You Over 18?RUH- Are You Horny?S2R- Send To Recieve (pictures)SorG- Straight or GayTDTM- Talk Dirty To MeWYCM- Will You Call Me?

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