Tuesday, May 3, 2011

How well do you know your neighbors?

  • How many of your neighbors do you know by name?
  • Would you watch over your neighbors home if they were away?
  • Would you bring them food if one of their family members were sick, or had died? Would you even know?
  • Would you call the police if someone was breaking into their home or car? Or would you even care!
  • If you were in the middle of an emergency do you know who you could turn to for help?
  • Do you know your neighbors kids, their dog?

If your answer is, I don't Know who my neighbors are! Than it is time for you to go outside and meet your neighbors. Here are some suggestions on what you could do to meet the challenge of meeting your next door neighbor.

A smile can go a long way. It makes a person feel noticed and acknowledged, a smile can brighten up someones otherwise down day.

Say Hello, it only takes a moment to say the five letter word.

This summer complement your neighbor on their yard. You could take them a cold drink of ice water while they are mowing the yard.

Once you get to know your neighbor share a meal with them it doesn't have to be a full course dinner just a sandwich and chips will do. Or you could invite them over this summer for barbecue. Or it could just be cookies and coffee.

Join or start a walking group. This will allow you to see your other neighbors and get to know who lives where.

Knowing your neighbors can bring a sense of security. It is nice to be able to have some one to go to for help or being able to help your friend. Leaving for vacation, get to know your neighbor. Get involved with those around you, know who they are, look out for them and they will look out for you, smile and say hello, and they will respond in kind. You never know when you might meet your very best friend. When you know who is living around you, if you get to know them well, you will see that you feel safer at night.

How to be a better neighbor:

  • Be considerate, don't play loud music or make excessive noise late at night.
  • Offer to pick up their paper and keep an eye on their place when they are gone.
  • Let them know if something is suspicious near their home.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Where to recycle in Shawnee

Faith 7 301 S. Kennedy
Shawnee Public Library 101 N. Philadelphia
South Central Industries 130 N. Louisa
Public Safety Center HWY 177

Cans (aluminum)
Allied Recycling Homeland at Independence
Ball Pipe 701 E. Hardesty Road
Faith 7 301 S. Kennedy
South Central Workshop 130 N. Louisa

Faith 7 301 S. Kennedy
South Central Workshop 130 N. Louisa­

Household items, books, clothing, accessories, furniture, small appliances (clean and in working order)
Salvation Army Thrift Store 330 E. 9th
Goodwill Industries 733 E. Independence

Plastic containers (milk jugs, soda bottles)
Allied Recycling, Inc. Homeland at Independence

Paper (newspaper and office paper)
Allied Recycling Homeland at Independence
Faith 7 301 S. Kennedy
Staples 4737 N Kickapoo
South Central Workshop 130 N. Louisa
Shawnee Senior Center 400 N. Bell

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