Tuesday, January 21, 2014


Internet lingo what your kids know, and what you now know. Some of these are nasty but you should know what they mean.
AFK = away from keyboard

ASL = age/sex/location
ATM = at the moment

BBL = be back later
BBS = be back soon

BF = boy friend
BRB = be right back

BTW = by the way
CUI = cracking up inside

CUL8R = see you later
CTN = can't talk now
FYI = for your information

G2G = got to go
New lesson in internet lingo
PAW= parents are watching
PIR= parents in room
LMIRL = lets meet in real life
420 = Marijuana
NALOPKT = not a lot of people know that
WYRN = what's your real name
c-p = sleepy
FOAF = friend of a friend
143 or 459 = I love you
next lesson
GF= girlfriend

HW= homework
ID= i don't care

IDK = i don't know
IMO = in my opinion

JAS = just a second
JIT = just in time

JK = just kidding
JW = just wondering

KOTC = kiss on the cheek
LOL = laughing out loud

ROTFL = rolling on the floor laughing
LYL = love ya lots
LYLAB = love ya like a brother
LYLAS = love ya like a sister
NM = not much

8- it refers to oral sex1337- it means elite
182- it means I hate you
1174- it means nude club
ADR or addy- Address
banana- it means penisCD9- it means Code 9 = parents are aroundDUM- Do You Masturbate?DUSL- Do You Scream Loud?FB- F*** Buddy
GNOC- Get Naked On Cam (webcam)GYPO- Get Your Pants Off
IIT- Is It Tight?
IMEZRU- I Am Easy, Are You?IWSN- I Want Sex NowJ/O- Jerking OffKFY- Kiss For Youkitty- it means vaginaKPC - Keeping Parents Clueless
MOOS- Member(s) Of the Opposite SexMOSS or MOTSS- Member(s) Of The Same SexMorF- Male or FemaleMOS - Mom Over ShoulderMPFB- My Personal F*** Buddy
NIFOC- Nude In Front Of ComputerNMU- Not Much, You?P911- Parent AlertPAL- Parents Are Listening
POS- Parent Over ShoulderPRON- PornQ2C- Quick To CumRU/18- Are You Over 18?RUH- Are You Horny?S2R- Send To Recieve (pictures)SorG- Straight or GayTDTM- Talk Dirty To MeWYCM- Will You Call Me?

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