Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Block Captain's Needed

The Block Captain should be the primary link in the WNW chain of command. There should be no more that 10 homes per Block Captain. The duties include a wide range of simple tasks:
  1. Meet each resident in your assigned area and offer to register them in the WNW if they aren't already.
  2. Maintain an emergency phone list of all your assigned residents.
  3. Be available to pass on information about criminal activities in your area. (Notice: You may be called late at night if one of your residents spot suspicious activities.)
  4. Forward information to the WNW President or Vice-President and activate the phone tree if you receive information on a suspect in your area. (The "phone tree" involves calling WNW members and informing them if there is an active incident going on in the area.)
  5. The Block Captain also coordinates assistance programs if there are any special needs in their area and may set up social events for their members to become involved in.

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