Monday, July 13, 2009

Gangs and Links

Some of the Gangs that we have in Oklahoma

Westside 90's Crips, Playboy Gangsta Crips, Rollin 60 Crips- Started in 1966 in L.A., 107 Hoova Crips - comes from 10700 block of Hoover Street in Los Angeles, Hard Hoova Crips, Shotgun Crips, Rollin 20's Crips, Outlaw 30's Bloods, 456 Piru Blood, Juarito's, South Side Loco's, Grande Barrio Central - is the largest gang in the Oklahoma County Juvenile detention center.
Sureno, Nortenos, South Side Loco's - Is the largest gang in Oklahoma City

Gang Information Links:

Florida Department of Corrections -

Dealing With Gangs

Oklahoma Gang Investigators Association

Gang Watchers

All about gangs:

National Gang Center:

Federal Bureau Of Investigation

Hand signs - are used by gang members to show their gang affiliation. They create letters or numbers with their fingers and hands.


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