Monday, July 13, 2009

Graffiti on the wall now what

Report it:

  • Report graffiti immediately.

  • If you see graffiti in progress, report it "DON'T TRY TO INTERVENE."

  • Take a photo of the graffiti. It may provide information that will lead to identification of the vandal.

Remove it:

  • Removing graffiti promptly is the best way to prevent it. Prompt, persistent removal usually results in a nearly zero rate of recourrence. Before any graffiti removal begins, however, find out whether the police want to photograph it as evidence.

Prevent it:

  • Rapid removal is one of the best ways to prevent future graffiti. Removing graffiti tells the vandals that people care about the community and that their work has little chance of being seen.

  • Choose paints and coatings to deter graffiti. Dark colors make graffiti harder to see.

  • Plant shrubs, or climbing vines to restrict access to tempting walls,

  • Use good lighting to deter vandals from popular graffiti sites.

  • Involve the media.

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