Sunday, July 5, 2009

Tall grass and Weeds

"Weeds" are defined as grass, weeds, bushes, vines, poison ivy, poison oak, or any other foreign growth, other than trees, ornamental shrubbery, flowers and garden vegetables. When any of these types of vegetation are allowed to remain tall, there are possible negative consequences. Tall weeds detract from the appearance of the neighborhood. Undesirable wildlife like rats and mice use the unmowed lawn for hiding places and habitat, and these animals may carry disease. Lastly, unmowed grass tells passers by that no one cares about the property, which may invite criminal activity.

1) properties that have a realtor “For Sale” sign on the lawn. A simple phone call to the realtor will, in most cases, result in that lawn being mowed expeditiously. Don't wait for Someone else to do it. Give them a call.
The realtor has a vested interest in maintaining good relations with WNW residents and
2) those for which there is no “For Sale” sign nor any contact information on the property; i.e. usually an absentee landlord. Any citizen may file a complaint for a weed case violation by calling. The Shawnee Action Center at 878-1602 Mon-Fri. 8am-5pm.

Could there be a Reason your Neighbor hasn't Mowed?

Neighbors don't always talk to other neighbors, but a little awareness of your neighbor's situation may go a long way toward that sense of community and the appearance of your neighborhood.

Shawnee Action Center has seen quite a few cases where serious family illness or physical limitations and inability to pay someone to mow the lawn are the reasons for neglect of the lawn. Think about the home where a spouse is on military assignment or the elderly neighbors who cannot push a mower anymore. Look out for your neighbors and offer to mow their grass; arrange for other neighbors to take turns mowing, too. Neighbors helping neighbors works!

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