Tuesday, July 7, 2009

911 What Is your Address?

The following are 10 suggestions that may help emergency personnel better locate your home:

1. House numbers should be at least four inches high on the front of your house, near the front door where a “lit” porch light makes them visible from the street.

2. Numbers “could” be located on your porch roof support post next to your steps. If this method is used, keep trees and shrubs trimmed from hiding your numbers.

3. Numbers “should not” be just located on curbs or step risers. Snow, leaves or vehicles could obscure the numbers.

4. One inch high numbers are not recommended because they are hard to see at a distance under adverse conditions. These are good for roadside mailboxes.

5. Homeowners with trees and shrubs may want to place two sets of numbers on their property.

6. Homeowners that have alleys to the rear of their property may want to consider numbers on a fence or garage. The police may find it necessary to approach your home from the alley in an emergency.

7. Never paint over your house numbers - it camouflages them.

8. A porch light costs pennies per night to operate, and it illuminates your address numbers. It may even keep burglars and thieves away.

9. Put your address numbers on your trashcans. It adds to marking your home for emergency personnel. Every little bit helps.

10. When calling for emergency assistance, give a brief description of your home, i.e., a blue house with black shutters, green Chevy in the driveway. Make sure you repeat your address back to make sure the operator knows you live at 1234 Somewhere Road, not one block over on 1234 Somewhere Place.

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