Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Safety At Home

•Keep doors and windows locked; this is the first step in staying safe. Make sure the doors are made of solid wood or metal, not hollow core doors. Check the window locks, to make sure they are in good working order. Place a wood or metal bar in the lower track of sliding glass doors, for added protection.

Install a security system or a life alert program. The life alert program is not just for sick or elderly people; it's a great program for those who live alone. It is a monthly program that monitors your well being.

Install a motion detector outdoors, to light the walkways and sides of the house. Make sure the porch lights are working.

Trim bushes and plants in front of doors and windows; they can offer a good hiding place for a burglar.

Get a dog and keep it indoors with you. A dog can keep you safe by warning you of intruders.

•List only your last name and first initial in the phone book.
•Reprogram the answering machine to add the word "we."
•Never leave ladders or tools within easy reach, as a burglar can use them to break in.
•Never leave a spare key under the mat or flowerpot.
•Never allow an uninvited person into your home; make an excuse if necessary.
•Always check credentials of repairmen, and call their place of business to verify who they are.


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