Wednesday, October 27, 2010


OK, I know some where here in my posts I have covered Recycling but I can't remember where, lol, so here is some updated info for ya.

Homeland parking lot located at Kickapoo and Independence or 700 E. 45Th. both of these locations are open from 8-5 Mon.-Thurs. but they are closed from 12-1 pm for lunch I guess. and from 8:30-12pm on Fri. & Sat. You will have to bring your Sanitation bill, IE; water bill and your Photo ID.

Oh ya, look under recycle

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  1. I know not many Shawnee residents know where to recycle unwanted computers and electronics. Please don't throw away old computers, laptops, etc.

    You can recycle your old computer and computer equipment here locally, and for free. Please visit for more details!


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