Monday, August 3, 2009

Suggested activities for the youth of Shawnee

I have searched the web to come up with a few ideas for the youth of Shawnee that could be started here. These are just a few of the many that are out there. What is really needed is for the youth to speak up and let us as a community know what they would be interested in, what would keep them out of trouble, what would it take to keep you from drugs and alcohol. What do you feel that you need? Do you need #'s of people that you could talk to that would not be judgemental, Do you need a ride to a safe activity, Do you need help with school work and you don't want anyone to know? Do you need a place to hang out? Ok, so we have places and programs out there like this. What can the community of Shawnee do for you? Let us know, let me know and I will see what I can do to help I am only one person but sometimes that is all it takes.

City of South Burlington
Every Tuesday and Thursday after school students are invited to gather in the cafeteria and enjoy some of the activities provided. This includes everything from pool tables, ping pong, bumper pool, foosball, and air hockey. Along with games students are encouraged to finish homework and socialize with one another. There are often snacks available for a reasonable price, and fresh popcorn is always free. Some new additions to the program are a Flight Simulator game, Guitar Hero III, and Dance Dance Revolution.

Students who attend the program are required to register through the Recreation Department, and are asked to sign in and out when coming to and leaving the program. Students are supervised by members of the Recreation Department and the Police Department. Also on hand are High School Volunteers. The High School students volunteer their time to help mentor the younger kids by interacting with the games, helping out with homework, and socializing with the kids.


Every Summer members of the South Burlington Police Youth Services Unit put on a CSI (Crime Scene Investigation Camp), in conjunction with the Recreation Department. Campers learn skills such as crime scene photography, evidence collection, fingerprinting, and crash investigation skills. There are various hands on activities campers complete with the new skills they learn. Mock Crime Scenes and Car Accident Scenes are processed by campers in teams of fellow detectives.

NYC Department of Youth and Community Development

Teen ACTION programs allow youth between the ages of 13 and 21 to design and implement a meaningful service project that meets a need in their community. Teen ACTION promotes:
Appreciation for service and civic engagement
Life-skills and critical-thinking skills
Supportive relationships with caring adults
Commitment to academic achievement
Healthy behaviors

Beacons are school-based community centers serving children, youth, and adults. There are currently 80 Beacons located throughout New York City, operating in the afternoons and evenings, on weekends, during school holidays and vacation periods, and during the summer.Typical activities for youth include:
Literacy activities
High school/college prep
Math clubs
Martial arts

The Out-of-School Time (OST) Program provides a mix of academic, recreational and cultural activities for young people (grades K-12) after school, during holidays and in the summer. Programs are free of charge and are located in every neighborhood across the City.
New York City's OST programs provide:
Safe programs in a supportive environment
A schedule that meets the needs of working parents
Separate programs for elementary, middle school, and high school students
Trained staff
Homework help
Healthy snacks


  1. we'll i think the youth will proceed in doing what ever there doing regardless of activitys going on in the neighborhood, some kids where just raised that way and don't want to change, as for the other 75% in school, best luck to them, but Shawnee is a really calm town, at least we aren't shooting at each other....

  2. True, some of them will do what they want and some of them won't! But, they need the opportunity to have safe places to go, gather together, learn to respect eachothers feelings, property, life style. It is not just how children are raised it's also the environment that they live in, some of them don't like the way things are but they don't have a way out. The City of Shawnee needs to give them that safe place to go, if they need food give it to them, if they need a good place to play make sure that they have it, if they need help to learn after school make darn sure that they get that help, if they are being bullyied give them the knowledge on how to handle it. Listen to them, if you say that you are going to do something do it. Basically what I am saying is that we as a community need to make ourselves avalable to the youth for whatever they need. But at the same time the youth of our town needs to speak up and let us help them. I would say that most of the youth are good kids.


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