Thursday, November 13, 2014

Are you Suspicious?

Suspicious Persons
Obviously, not every stranger who comes into our neighborhood is a criminal. The following circumstances should be called in and investigated — possible crime in process.
Going door to door in a residential area, especially if one or more goes to rear of residence or loiters in front of an UNOCCUPIED HOUSE. (Burglary)
Forcing entrance or entering an unoccupied house. (Burglary, Theft ,or Trespassing)
Running, especially if carrying something of value or carrying property at an unusual time. (Fleeing the scene of a crime)
Heavy traffic to and from a house, particularly if it occurs on a daily basis. (Drug dealing, vice, or fence operation)
Offering items of resale at a very low price. (trying to sell stolen property)
Loitering or driving through a neighborhood several times or appearing as a person with a wrong address. (Burglary)

Suspicious Vehicles
Vehicles in the following situations may be involved in crimes and should be reported to the police.
Slow moving, without lights, following aimless course in any location. (Burglary)
Parked or occupied, containing one or more persons, especially at an unusual hour or place. (Burglary lookouts)
Parked by an unoccupied residence, being loaded with valuables. (Burglary)
A vehicle containing weapons. (Criminal activity)
Someone, especially a female or juvenile, being forced into a vehicle. (Kidnapping, assault, or attempted rape)
Persons detaching mechanical parts or accessories from a vehicle. (Theft or vandalism)
Objects being thrown from a vehicle. (Disposing of contraband)

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