Friday, November 14, 2014

Is that a Drug House

Is That A Drug House?
If we are going to stop crime and drugs from taking over our neighborhoods, we must all work together as a team. Without your help and assistance, local law enforcement officers face many restrictions. Your involvement is the key to stopping crime.

Do you have a drug house in your neighborhood?
Drug houses don't just happen in other neighborhoods. There are drug houses in all types of neighborhoods. There are four things that make a drug house:

Most neighborhoods have very little control over Product, Buyer, or Seller. Drug dealers look for locations where neighbors do not communicate and isolate themselves. This makes it easy to intimidate those neighbors that do notice drug activity. Drug dealers like neighborhoods that say "It can't happen here". Money is a key element for the drug dealer. If they establish a drug house in a neighborhood where kids and adults have money to buy drugs, business will thrive.

What are the warning signs of drug activity in the neighborhood?
Do any of these sound familiar?

Excessive foot traffic to and from a house or property
Loitering in or around a house
Frequent and unusual traffic patterns such as Stop-Enter-Leave
Threats of intimidation connected to a residence
Open exchange of drugs and money
Gang activity in the neighborhood
Graffiti on structures in the area
Prevention is the best way to stop drug houses
You can reduce the chance that a drug house moves into your neighborhood. Get to know your neighbors. Meet and know your Police Officers. As problems develop in the neighborhood, work with law enforcement to resolve them quickly.

What should you do if there is a drug house in your neighborhood?
One of the tools of the drug dealer is intimidation. There are safety in numbers.

log all activity connected to the suspected drug house
Talk to a Shawnee Police Officer and give the information to him.
Speak with property owners about problems that the tenants are causing for the neighbors. If you are having problems, the property owner is probably having problems too.
Report all problems to the appropriate agency. Police, Fire, Public Works are just some of the agencies that you may call with problems.

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  1. Has anyone ever suggested stop signs along Benedict street? As soon as cars turn the corner by the church they put the pedal to the metal, there are a lot of small children in the area. If they had to stop every block , they couldn't go so fast.


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