Sunday, January 11, 2009

Want to know more about Meth

Here is a listing of meth resources.

Meth Magazine

Meth Education Tool Kit

Meth360 exists to unite communities for the prevention of meth use and abuse. It has training, tools, and resources for community presentation about meth.

Oklahoma Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services

National Association of counties

Office of National Drug Control Policy

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  1. Our sex offender laws are costing a whole lot of money and the experts are saying, these laws are doing "more harm than good."

    With 78% on tier III one cannot tell who is dangerous and who is not.

    Example: Ricky's story as portrayed by channel 23, fox news. Ricky must be labled Tier III for the rest of his life for consensual teen sex. Even though his conviction has been "expunged." See: Ricky's story and other news specificially for Oklahoma here

    If the Link doesn't worl, "Copy and paste." Don't forget to book mark this page to keep up with Sex offender news in Oklahoma.


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