Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Time to get rid of that bulk waste

Not until October but you can get a jump start on your yard clean up. As you all have received the Schedule for bulk waste pick up I thought that I would go ahead and post it here also.

Curbside Bulk waste pickup schedule is set for Wednesday October 1, 2008 if your pollycart is picked up on Mondays.
October 8, if your pollycart is picked up on Tuesdays.
October 15, if your pollycart is picked up on Wednesdays.
October 22, if your pollycart is picked up on Thursdays.
October 29, if your pollycart is picked up on Fridays.

Accepted item's include: refrigerators, freezers,and air conditioners if a certification has been issued by a qualified tech., that the Freon has been removed.
Cut those limbs into 3-foot lengths and tie them up must be under 35 lbs.
Don't put out overly heavy pieces of concrete or rocks. If you can't carry it they won't either.
Don't demolish anything and try to have it picked up they won't take it.
If you have a dead possum in your yard they won't take that either.
They won't take any hazardous waste, batteries, paint,tires,oils, or any other liquid substances.
Later when I find out, I will post what can be taken to the curb or roadside that they will pick up.
If you have any questions call Allied Waste at 275-9062

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