Friday, September 5, 2008

Crime committed

Wednesday a vehicle at 1007 Overland Ct. was broken into. A set of golf clubs among other items were stolen.
This is a good reason that the WNW should set up the Operation ID program. The program is easy to start. The WNW should purchase engravers that interested members can borrow to engrave their property.
What is Operation

Operation Identification is a citizen’s burglary prevention program for use in homes and businesses. The Operation ID program involves the marking of property with an identifying number as a means of discouraging burglary and theft.


Marked property is difficult for a criminal to dispose of or sell. It can be traced to the rightful owner with relative ease. Additionally, if the intruder is caught with marked property, it is solid evidence of possession of stolen goods.

The Operation ID program has three parts:
FIRST, mark your valuables with your DRIVER'S LICENSE NUMBER prefaced by "OK" for Oklahoma and followed by "DL" for Driver's License"



So your property can be easily traced and identified as yours. The Driver's License Number should be engraved on an area that cannot be easily removed and which is NOT easily seen, preferably adjacent to the manufacturer's model or serial number.

Second, after marking, photographing, or videotaping your property, make a list of your valuables. Keep a copy of the list in a safe place. If you should become a victim, you will be able to describe the stolen property to the police from the list.

Third, display a decal which tells would-be thieves that your property has been marked. By displaying an Operation ID sticker you are disclosing that your property has been marked and will be difficult for a criminal to sell or pawn. Often the presence of the sticker alone is enough to deter a intruder.


The items listed below are those most commonly stolen from homes and business:

Television sets, Stereo equipment, Radios
Game systems
Car radio/CD players
DVD, VCR players
Vacuum cleaners, and other household appliances
Fax machine
Cell phones
Hubcaps, Mag wheels
Lawn mowers
CB radios
Golf clubs
Electric shaver
Tools (hand and power)
Watches, clocks
Musical instruments
Kitchen appliances (Microwave, toaster, etc.)
Computer equipment (CPU, Monitor, keyboard, etc)
Computer printer


If the property is unmarkable, such as antiques, jewelry, silver, artwork, etc., you should inventory, photograph or videotape, and store those records in a safe deposit box.


When inventorying and marking property, use a systematic approach. Take one room at a time, as the property is marked or photographed, enter it on your inventory list. Keep a copy of the list in a safe place. If you should subsequently become a burglary victim, you will be able to quickly describe the stolen property from this list. This will be of great help to police in their attempt to recover the stolen possessions.

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