Tuesday, July 8, 2008

WNW July Meeting

For those of you that did not attend the meeting. The guest speakers were Jerry Chastain who is running for Ward 2 Commissioner, and Linda Agee who is running for Mayor. On the 15Th we will have another meeting with other's that are running.

Congratulations to the Finney's for winning the Best Looking Yard.

Some of the issues that were covered in tonight's meeting were getting some bike lanes put in around the area. Bus service for the Citizens of Shawnee, the rail road crossings that are in need of smoothing out on area roads, and the need of more recycling centers here in town. The sidewalks leading to nowhere.

The smelly issue of the Polly carts and the yard waste that sometimes is not picked up for day's. An idea would be for all of those affected to start writing in to the trash service and filling a complaint.

Also, finding out if we can get something to slow down traffic on Kirk. The Yellow house on Kirk that is set back from the road is set for demolition within the next month. We now have several drug houses in and about our neighborhood watch area we need to get these taken care of before they become a worse problem.

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