Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Poly Cart woe's and clean streets

Poly Cart what a waste

Here are a few things you need to know about poly carts:
The City Commission voted to begin using poly carts for trash disposal city wide for all citizens of Shawnee at the meeting on June 4, 2007.

Yard waste will be picked up on Wednesdays
The commission has chosen a plan which also calls for green waste pickup (yard clippings, etc.) on a weekly basis. The commission needs to contact Allied Waste and remind them of this plan.

Be sure and call Allied Waste if your yard waste has not been picked up recently at 275-9061.
The city is supplementing this plan for the first year but will cut that supplement in subsequent years. The $12 monthly fee is expected to go to $13 in July, 2008, $13.75 in 2009, $14.25 in 2010 and $14.55 in 2011.

Remember that Allied Waste representatives are available at 405-275-9061
You can also call the Public Works Service Center at 878-1662

Street Sweeping
The City of Shawnee runs their own street sweeper on a rotating schedule across the City. Questions related to street sweeping should be directed to the 405-878-1537.


  1. What can be done about maggots in the polycarts ? I'm very careful about what I throw away, everything is bagged up properly and I'm still having a maggot problem. I have now been forced to double bag my garbage which is getting costly. Any advice would be appreciated.

  2. It is difficult to prevent this in an outside can. The best solution is to maintain cleanliness. After the garbage has been picked up spray out the can with a garden hose and allow to dry. If possible try to keep the can in a shady area or out of direct sunlight. Rinse out plastic bottles and tin cans and other food containers before putting them in the inside trash can. You can also rinse polystyrene food trays off and put them in the sacks that you bring your food in from the store. I hope that this helps. Let me know


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