Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Accomplishments of the Westside Watch

I thought that it would be a good idea for the accomplishments of the neighborhood watch to be posted so that all of us could see what we have been able to do since starting the Watch.

There were a couple of drug houses that we had a part in closing down, and a couple of house where they were selling stolen items, got that taken care of.

For our neighborhood watch members we had a Block party, and two Christmas parties. We had a Christmas food drive this past December and several pot luck dinners.

We were able to get Neighborhood watch signs installed at Pottenger and Poplar. Chapman and Benedict, Kirk and Kickapoo. So that the boundaries of the Westside Neighborhood Watch could be clearly seen by potential criminals.

We also provide Neighborhood Watch Window Warning decals stating "We Look Out For Each Other."

Due to traffic problems and the safety of drivers we were able to get a 4-way stop put in at Pottenger and Ford streets. Also installed on the corners of Chapman and Wallace.

Recently lights were installed at one of the parks in our watch area.

For the safety of pedestrians a cross walk was put in at Chapman and Wallace.

We have had many guest speakers at some of our meetings, Police officers, the Mayor of Shawnee, the City Manager, State Representative Kris Steele, Shorty Bishop a stand-up comic, and our latest speaker was from the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics.

The Westside Neighborhood Watch Insider newsletter took first place at the Oklahoma Neighborhood Conference in Oklahoma City.

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