Monday, April 8, 2013

Come and watch Home Run With the Westside Neighborhood watch

Come watch HOME RUN with the Westsideneighborhood watch.   For those of you that need a ride we will carpool from the westside parking lot at the Wallace Ave. Baptist Church here in Shawnee on April the 19th.   Be there by 6:30 to catch a ride.  You will be responsible for buying your own ticket.

tells the story of Cory Brand (Scott Elrod) a big league baseball player who struggles with alcoholism. His past is riddled with problems including having an abusive alcoholic father. Cory is suspended from baseball when his out of control drinking collides with his rage. His suspension forces him to seek help and Celebrate Recovery is the only option available to him. Through the character of Cory Brand the viewers will realize that personal transformation is possible. This character is a strong-willed, tough know it all who doesn’t need anything from anyone–yet deep inside is damaged, scared, unsure and struggling. For years, Cory hides his pain until one day it explodes. He uses anger to cover up what he is really feeling. This character craves approval and feeds this need for approval by playing baseball really well. As the movie unfolds, Cory is eventually forced to deal with his demons.

Can people really change? This movie explores the challenges that Cory Brand faces from losing everything to discovering what really matters. HOME RUN explores this transformation and reveals that there doesn’t have to be shame along the journey.

The Movie will be showing at the Cinema Centre 8 located at 3031 North Harrison.
April the 19,20, and 21

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