Monday, February 15, 2010

K2 "synthetic" marijuana

K2 contains the same active ingredient as marijuana. However, the synthetic cannabinoids in K2 are made in a lab and are not restricted by law.

K2 is a legal, smokable, herbal drug with chemical properties very similar to THC, the active ingredient in marijuana. Staff at Clemson University first created the drug that was until now primarily used as incense and plant food.

K2 is also addictive and produces side effects similar to marijuana.

Some people that have smoked K2 complain or feel the following anxiety, agitation, elevated blood pressure and fast heart rate after smoking the drug.

K2 is packaged and sold in four varieties in three gram packages bags for $15 to $30 a piece depending on what type of mixture.
Known as K2 Summit, K2 Blonde, K2 Citron, K2 Standard
Contained with in the mixture of K2 standard includes the following extracts and herbs: canavalia rosea,clematis vitalba,nelumbo nucifera, pedicularis grandifolia, heimia salicifolia, leonurus sibiricus and ledum palustre.

This was a hard one to find out more information on. Kansas is in the process of making it illegal in their state. The use of the K2 mixture was only recently introduced into the United States, although it has been popular in Great Britain since 2008 and was introduced in Germany about three years ago.


  1. Marijuana and k2 should be regulated like alcohol. Get the criminal element out of it. Stop scaring people and parents into Prohibition. Teenagers can get marijuana easy because the black market makes it easy to get. Protect our children by Regulation of Marijuana like tabbaco and alcohol. We need to control the access. Prohibition hasn't worked since it was first implemented 70 years ago.

  2. K2 is a very addictive marujuana dangerous as they are heavily influenced young

  3. Prohibition just does not work. It's ridiculous that taxpayer money is wasted on throwing people in jail over possession of marijuana. Now more of our money is going to be wasted on the fake stuff??

  4. Banning this will only drive it underground and feed the drug cartels. It will still exist and people will still buy it. Regulate and tax it!!

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