Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Hotel Safety

Now that the summer vacation season is here, we must remember that crime prevention doesn't stop when we leave home. To help ensure that a vacation will be an enjoyable experience for everyone, here are some crime prevention tips that will help protect your family and property when staying at a hotel or motel.

Arriving at a Hotel

Park your vehicle in a well-lit area close to the lobby where you can see your vehicle and occupants.
Before getting out of your vehicle, check your surroundings for suspicious looking people.
When leaving your vehicle, put valuables out of sight and be sure to lock it.
Memorize your vehicle license information so you don't have to go back outside.
Checking In

Make reservations ahead of time to prevent being stranded with no vacancies or unsafe accommodations.
Women traveling alone may prefer to sign in using only a first initial and last name.
Register using your business address.
When Arriving at Your Room

Store valuables in a hotel safe and get a receipt instead of leaving them in your vehicle.
Don't enter your room if someone is loitering in the area and watching you. Report this to the front desk immediately.
Be sure the locks on your door are working properly.
Familiarize yourself with the closest fire evacuation route.
Make sure you know how to use the phone in your room and that you can dial out to 911.
Memorize the name and address of the hotel and your room number.
Use the "peep hole" to identify visitors. Do not open the door to strangers.
Going Out

Hang the "do not disturb" sign on the doorknob and leave a light and radio or TV on when leaving.
Do not enter an elevator if someone inside seems suspicious.
Inquire at the front desk about safe places to eat, shop, walk, or jog. Ask for a map of the area.
Following these tips will help make your vacation a safe and enjoyable experience.

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