Sunday, March 1, 2009


So you want to join a gang. What could happen to you if you pursue your quest of the downward spiral of life that you seek.

Do you want to be in a fight with 3 or more gang members, for a set amount of time? This process is called (Jumped in, Rolled in, or Lined in) It tells the gang how tough you are. Lined in - is where you have walk, run, crawl towards the end between two rows of gang members while they beat you to a pulp. How are you going to explain this to your parents or other family members about how your face looks when you get home? What are you going to do when they want to make a report to the police?

Or you could be (Courted in) - Is your talent Stealing, do you know someone who sells drugs, do you have the only car on your block and you don't mind if it is used for illegal activity? Do you want to be taken advantage of, used, do you want to get caught and spend time in jail or most likely prison? Than you might be Courted.

Or you could be asked to join a gang this is called (Walked in)

Are you a female who has the desire to join a gang? To be used by more than one gang member? Roll the dice, if you roll a six than you will be required to have sex with six of the gang members. Another words what ever number you roll with 2 dice than that will be how many partners you will have to be with before you are a gang member. And you want to join a gang!

Do you want to commit crimes against the people in your town? Would you be willing to steal someones auto?
Are you a thief? Do you want to go to jail or prison? Can you live with your self if you have to kill someone? What will your grandmother think? Do you want to have children at a young age? Do you want to be addicted to drugs or alcohol? These are just some of the things that you should think about before you attempt to join a gang.

If you do decide to join a gang you might want to think about where you want to be buried. Keep your little brother or sister away from you because you never know when they might be a victim of a drive by. By the way what will you do if you get an STD?

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