Monday, February 2, 2009

Nike on the lines?

Why in the world would anyone want to throw their shoes up on the power lines?

Well, there are several idea's floating around as to why. Some say that when you see tennis shoes on the power lines in front of a house you can buy drugs there, although this would be a clear sign to the local police department of the drug activity that's going on. That it marks gang territories, I guess that some of them do their business out on the rural roads, because you sometimes see them out there hanging on the lines, as well. Or that a murder occurred nearby at some point in time.

Some say that when you got a new pair of shoes that you threw the old ones up there. Just for fun, so that you would not be tempted to wear them again. This phenomenon occurs in the United States and in other countries around the world. Bullies, also will sometimes throw their victims shoes over the lines. Or, the practice could be that someone is moving and they want to leave something behind, letting others know that they were there. Or just because of old fashioned boredom, Just to see if they can do it. I guess that the best way to find out why someone would throw their shoes over the line would be to ask someone that is actually doing it.

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  1. Its Kool again , Ive tossed shoes on the line myself , and as for me , its pure boredom . Now after tree trimmers or whoever take them down , its a matter of the last word , but its just ornament to a dull landscape .


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