Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Thanksgiving Safety Tips

Here are some safety tips to keep in mind during this holiday season.

If you have family visiting let them know about your fire escape plan and designated meeting place in case of a fire.

Keep a fire extinguisher available next to your oven and know how to use it.

If you have young children in your home keep them away from the kitchen unless they are helping with food preparations. Keep an eagle eye on them you never know when that little one might reach up and grab that hot pan or the knife on the counter.

Use the back burners when possible and be sure to turn the pot handles in so that they don't extend over the edge of the stove.

If you burn candles blow them out before you leave the house even if it is for a short time. Keep them out of reach of little hands.

Home Safety when you are away!

Use timers on lights to give your residence the appearance of being occupied.
Your answering machine message should not indicate that you are not home, and don't use your name.
Double check your door and window locks.

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