Friday, November 21, 2014

A short history of the Crips and Bloods

The Crips gang was started in 1969 by 15 year old Raymond Washington, in Los Angeles. The original name was Baby Avenues or Avenue Cribs. The name Crip became so common among the Avenues Cribs that it became the acceptable name in 1971. Many Crip sets were formed during this time they included Avalon Garden Crips, Eastside Crips, Inglewood Crips and the Westside Crips. Also around this time Stanley "Tookie" Williams, started the Westside Crips. The original intent was to continue the revolutionary ideology of the Panther's and to act as community leaders and protectors of their local neighborhoods. They became increasingly violent and constantly expanded their turf. In the early 1980's, the gang was heavily involved in the drug trade.
The original style of dress was to wear black leather jackets. They walked with a shuffle like a limp and also carried canes.
In the 1970's colors became a way to signify allegiance to one gang or another. The Crips began using the blue bandanna or blue flag and displayed them in their left side as their color. It has been suggested that the color selection was because blue was the color of Washington High School. The Crips use the letter C to replace the letter B in their conversations and writings. The initials BK represent their status as "Blood Killers." And the Bloods used the red bandanna and started displaying them on the right side.

The Bloods were originally Crip Sets. The Pirus, at one time hung out with the Crips they were called or known as the Piru Street (Boys) Crips. Several members of the Pirus gang had a conflict with some of the Crips and warfare ensued. During the summer of 1972 Robert Ballou, who was not a member of a gang was killed for his leather jacket the Pirus felt that because he was not a member of any organization and neutral he should not have been killed. They got together with the Lueders Park Hustlers, L.A. Brims started in 1969, Denver Lanes, the Bishops. and other organizations targeted by the Crip Sets and formed the Bloods.

Street gangs in Los Angeles had rumbles before this time and were usually over control of parties or hangout spots and high school rivalries. Weapons were not used often, gang members preferred fistfights. It was considered a punk move to get a weapon to retaliate after a fight. The most common weapons included baseball bats, bumper jacks, or an occasional knife.


  1. my name is Michael Krikorian I am a journalist based in Los Angeles. I was a staff writer for the L.A.Times for many years and have done stories for the L.A. Weekly and the New York Times about street gangs. What i want to know is why is there a article about Crips and Bloods in a site about Shawnee, Oklahoma? Is there a gang problem however small, in that town. My emailis I am working on a article for the New York Times about Robert Ballou

  2. Whats up people, I just registered on this marvelous online community and desired to say what's up! Have a good day!

  3. For Mr. Krikorian, gangs where we come from have nothing better to do than cause trouble, trouble gets boring so they start killing, and so on.. Its the same every where so i disagree with you...


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