Friday, October 7, 2011


Who is a bully? A bully is someone male or female, that repeatedly harms another person by purposely making them feel uncomfortable, hurting them by hitting,pushing,kicking or tripping, name calling or spreading rumors or making menacing gestures, even leaving someone out of an activity. Bullies are usually physically, or socially stronger than the person that is being bullied.

Why people bully? Could be that they want to be seen as popular, or to gain attention, they could even be jealous of the person being bullied, it is also possible that they are being bullied themselves into being a bully. Or they enjoy feeling power over someone. On occasion they don't realize that they are hurting the other person.

Why are some people bullied and not others? Sometimes a person is being bullied for no reason, or because they are different IE: the way they talk, dress, their name, because they are smaller, or that the bully thinks that they won't stand up to them.

Ways to tell if someone is a bully. Being accused of being a bully at school or elsewhere. Gotten into trouble for fighting, speak about others as being stupid or other negative words. Or by saying that others deserve bad things happening to them or showing a lack of concern for others in bad situations.

Are you a bully? Are you seen by other students as tough and show little empathy for victimized persons? Do you repeatedly tease someone in a nasty way? Do you damage the belongings of other people? Do you desire to be dominate over others? Than you might be a bully
Being bullied is not a rite of passage and can be avoidable.

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