Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Westside Neighborhood Watch Needs Volunteers:
The WNW program is an opportunity to promote mutual understanding between citizens and law enforcement. Join our fight against crime by joining the WNW. You are the extra eyes and ears of Law Enforcement. We will teach you how to observe and report suspicious activity. Through our mutual communication, we can make our community a better and safer place to live.
The best crime prevention device is a good neighborhood. The security steps you and your neighbors take as a group are just as important as the things you do individually.
The WNW operates on the concept that effective crime prevention requires cooperation with law enforcement. WNW is “neighbors looking out for the welfare of our neighbors.” It is a coalition of citizens who are concerned about the neighborhood where they live and are willing to become involved in the betterment of their community.
It is only by working together that we can truly be effective in our fight against crime. The WNW can do a lot to prevent crime, both through intense patrol efforts and educational programs.
However, all this can be ineffectual if you do not do your part to deny the criminal the opportunity to commit a crime.
Volunteer at the next Westside Neighborhood Watch meeting.

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