Thursday, May 15, 2008

May 13th meeting

At the May 13th meeting we had guest speaker Melvin Potter, Director of Pott. County Emergency 911 Systems. We heard about 911 systems and how they work as well as how Shawnee reacts to storms and when they will blow the alert horn. Very, Very interesting. We also found out where all the storm cellars are in Shawnee and when to go to them. We have talked to the church about becoming an official storm cellar for Shawnee, that would be great if it happens.

Julie Thompson was appointed by members and is now 'President of the Westside Neighborhood Watch' until the election in October. She has some great ideas that she talked about last night on the future of the watch and how to make it grow. So I feel it's time to get behind your president.

The first change is the start of the Westside Neighborhood Watch Strollers. This starts on the 19th of May. We will meet at the church 7pm and in groups to walk around the neighborhood or as much as you can. I feel this could be a great asset to the safety of the neighborhood. Melvin Potter will be back in June to set your weather radios.


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