Tuesday, March 11, 2008

March 11th meeting

Sorry to say that our guest speaker Thomas Schrzan, City commissioner of Ward 2 came down with the flu and could not make it to the meeting. A big get well soon goes out to him.

We have a new writer for the newsletter it's Julie Thompson. Welcome back Julie and Thank You for taking on the task. Julie can be reached by email at jthompson@ecdevonline.com The newsletter will be available on the first of each month and you can pick one up at 812 N Pottenger. For those of you that paid the $12 to have it mailed to you, we will continue to do so.
The newsletter will also available at the meetings.


  1. Good job Julie, thanks for carry on the news letter.

  2. Westside Neighborhood Watch Meeting: February 8, 2008

    Opening Prayer:

    Minutes approved and seconded for last meeting in November
    Dora Mize: Balance in the Westside Neighborhood watch bank account $248.70
    Donations $48.12
    Expenses: 99.17 for Christmas party

    Drawing: 293

    Butch is not resigning at the present time. We need to talk about things that going on after Mr. Woodward.

    Oklahoma state bureau of narcotics and dangerous drug control: Mr. Woodward did a presentation for about 45 min.

    Butch taking over meeting again, Anita Codapony is new Vice President she also does the blog .motion to accept Anita as vice president and seconded. Passed.

    Maps: Thelma Gibson put all merchants in the watch area they were done by hand.

    Butch recommend that we donate $100 to the church .there was a motion and was seconded.

    Butch made a list of names and numbers of officials with emails that we need. Some are hard to find and Dora Mize help him find the last two numbers.

    Drawing: 290

    (Butch) before we open it up to discussion I have to make a statement: has done this with legal council. Has been informed that the Westside Neighborhood watch is no longer recognized by the Shawnee Police Department. If you all have looked, on to the News Star Blog yesterday there was all kinds of stuff about it on the internet and what do you think we ought to do about it.
    Question: Did they say why it was no longer recognized?
    Butch: I am sure it is probably because of me.
    Question: We know that you cannot go down there because you are not allowed to, I do not know what the problem is but that something happened between you and him. Why don’t we send Anita to go and talk to the Chief, and see if we could start fresh?
    Butch: A couple of things have been bought up to him
    1. Start a petition stating that we should be recognized. We would need 50 signatures.
    2nd. highly recommended before we go any further is that I draft a letter to the city manager and say these rumors have come to be and is there any truth to it.please reply within five business days to response. At that time, we will have a meeting of the...
    ? Why don’t we send Anita first?
    (Butch) no, because we have to substantiate the rumor first that is what the email is for.
    Question: This just a rumor that they won’t recognize us.
    Butch: Well it’s been on the internet.
    Question: what web site was this on?
    Butch: On the news star on their blog.
    I telling what legal advise this is what we need to do first is to send a letter to the City Manager a very simple letter, an email to be able to get verification. Of when they open it. That way if they don’t reply with in five business days, then we tried then we can go to the petition. The police Department is under the city manager he is the head honcho there. Over the city manager is the city commissioner the mayor and city commissioner is over the city manager.
    Question: Do you have a copy of the blog?
    Butch: they took it off

    Question: How can you prove that it was on there?
    Butch; they took it off; we can prove it too many people saw it.
    Question: Was it an anonymous blog
    Butch: No, it was five pages long, for people that are not familiar with the internet it takes 50 items to make a page.
    Question: and the whole blog was about them not recognizing us as a neighborhood watch.
    Butch: No, this is people writing in and saying what is going on. Its not people in the watch that’s writing in, its people around town, any way that is what I suggest that we do first is send a letter then on the 21st we will have a meeting with the officers and trustees and anyone else that would like to come are more than welcome.
    Question: Why don’t we send someone to the City Council meeting?
    Question. If he send this email and get a response stating that no there is no substantiating rumor we do recognize the Westside Neighborhood watch then it’s a whole different ballgame.
    ? It could be just someone spreading a rumor that they heard and it’s not true.
    ? If its all ok can, we call the police department and have them come to our meetings.
    Butch after that after we find out about this that’s what these numbers are for. You got Numbers to all the City commissioners, now this would involve all of them as I can see and the mayor , and Chris Steele, his even been to our meetings the City Manager has been to a couple of our meetings, and the Mayor has been to a couple of our meetings. In addition, it’s to the point where I am not
    Allowed to speak to some officers
    ? What
    Butch: I’m not allowed to speak to a public servant.
    ? You’re not allowed to speak to a police officer.
    ?so if someone breaks into your house your not allowed to call 911?
    Butch: I wonder about that one. I can call them but who knows if they will come.
    ? I thought this was just between you and the Chief.
    Butch: good point
    ? Who told you, you are not allowed to talk to somebody?
    Butch: a number of people
    ? Was it legal? Do they have a thing against you?
    Butch: There are also people in here who also heard it. That I am not allowed to talk to anybody, to some police officers I don’t know if it’s all police officers
    ? Because of your trial?
    Butch: the way this came up was, well it doesn’t matter how it came up, it matters how it’s going to end and what do you think anybody else have any input they want to put in?
    ? Find out if its true then we go from there. And if it’s not true then we should invite them to our house. Be the bigger person.
    ? Do you keep a copy of the emails that you send?
    Butch: Yes
    Remark just because they are mad at you they should not take it out on us.
    Butch: I don’t think that’s it, if you remember the February meeting of last year this was brought up.
    Marcy Lets take a motion that the email first seconded. Then after that.
    Gerald: I read the blog last night there was a lot of talk about the Candie Sweeny thing and the Chief. They blog had many different emails of folks that had written in to get back with them. I didn’t see anything in there stating that we were not recognized I may have missed it.
    Sondra/Butch: It was before that, they took all lot off, they mentioned my name.
    Gerald: I did see your name in there once, that maybe some ones opoion or rumor there may not be any truth to it. I think you are going in the right direction getting something in writing and I don’t think that they are going to deny it in writing and they will recognize you

    Question: Not to change the subject, but when can we get our tax id number.
    Butch: ask our vice president she is taking care of that.

    Someone stated that there is a company that copies entire websites if you have the actual URL of that blog unless the newspaper has specificlly written in and ask them to delete it I can get you that blog.
    Butch: It’s the news star blog and it started on
    ? You have to know the exact URL to go into the archival place
    Butch: would the URL be the same as it is right now?
    Don’t know it depends on how long it was on there
    Butch: it was on Saturday till yesterday.
    Sondra it was not on yesterday
    Butch yes it was
    ? Is Cpl Sweeny coming back?
    She can’t. She can’t have anything to do with the Westside Neighborhood watch, but we do have Dan Shumaker that we can speak to.
    Butch: I don’t know about that I’d have to check into it, he hasn’t returned my calls , I was told that he was not allowed to talk to me.

    Mercy: if we send somebody else because of the litigation that you are having, they may not be able to speak to you until all of that is taken care of but if an other officer or trustee or somebody else goes and speaks in the behalf of the watch.
    Butch: I have checked on that and that’s not true
    ? Whets not true
    Butch: That they can’t talk to me because of litigation, they can’t talk to me about the litigation
    They can talk to you about anything else
    Butch: they can’t talk to me, before we do anything the letter is the best thing and when we get that back, we will have a meeting on the, I got that down for the 21st
    Mercy: Of this month
    Butch: Yeap and we will see if we can use the church, anybody that wants to come can come but mainly we need the officers and trustees here. And at that time, we will decide what to do.
    ?Anita: can we change that date?
    Butch: I will send out the letter tomorrow and give them five business days to respond
    22nd it’s a Friday
    Butch: that would make it 10 days
    Mercy: No, it would make it 7 business days you cant a holiday as a business day.
    Butch: Anybody have any questions on this don’t be afraid to call me.

    Drawing: 267

    Meeting closed.

  3. To whomever reads this blog:
    The purpose of this blog is for information that can be used by all of us here in our little part of Shawnee. It is for us to have a place to go so that we can find info. on subjects ie., Crime prevention, child safety, gangs and other subjects of interest to our community. I would appreciate it if you would keep unkind comments off of this blog. Thank you Anita


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