Monday, February 4, 2008


There are reasons teens drink alcohol, because of their curiosity, because they think that it makes them feel good, or to fit in, sometimes because their parents do. But what they don't realize is that alcohol can kill them, here are some of the signs of alcohol poisoning: PASSING OUT, OR LOSING CONSCIOUSNESS, SLOWED BREATHING, COLD OR CLAMMY SKIN THAT APPEARS PALE OR BLUISH IN COLOR. A person who has passed out after drinking very quickly, could choke to death on their vomit and is at risk of dying from alcohol overdose. Alcohol poisoning can happen to anyone, especially the inexperienced. What teens also don't realize is that they can become victims of several different crimes. Examples of these crimes could be, unplanned and unprotected sex, aggravated assault, and robbery. Alcohol use also can cause death by drowning, suicide, homicide, and by alcohol-related traffic crashes.
Here are some sites that you might find helpful for more information:
for kids
for teens

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